The Truth About Love and Relationships

We are born in relationships, we are also wounded in relationships, and healed in relationships. 

So why can’t we get relationships right?

Why do we continue to attract the same type of person hoping for different results?

As we transition from the limitations of our past wounds, old behaviors, and emotions, and stop looking outside ourselves to satisfy our limitations we begin to heal the things inside ourselves that are preventing us from creating loving, fulfilling, and healthy relationships.

What you'll gain:

- Learn how to set boundaries with people who are toxic in your life.

- Feel confident and empowered around men or women.

- Change your narrative about your love life. 

- Learn how to choose the right person for you.

- Find a meaningful partnership in your life.

- Be the person you want to be, confident, self-aware, strong, kind, and loving.

- Build relationships that work for you.

We thrive only in relationships. This also includes the relationship with the self. 

My course has helped women overcome painful emotional distress linked to relationships such as feelings of abandonment, betrayal, manipulation, and emotional deprivation, and in turn learn how to put themselves first, then build loving, lasting partnerships.

Kind Words

"This course got right to the point and really helped me see myself in a differently and stop shaming myself for broken relationships. I now understand why relationships didn't work in my life. This course really helped me understand my past and focus on what I deserve. I am no longer willing to settle for less." M.S.

Bonus material

The most important relationship in our life is the relationship with the self. If we are not able to understand our own patterns, behaviors, and heart, how can we expect to understand the person we want to build a relationship with? It's important to understand that relationships will be different when we heal past wounds. That is why I have created two-bonus worksheet to get to know yourself deeper.

  • Personal Power Worksheet

    Personal power involves knowing what your needs are, learning what it feels like to get them met, and using self-knowledge to make deliberate choices to meet them.

  • Getting To Know Yourself Worksheet

    We often expect others to know what our desires are when we don't even know what it is that we desire. In order to tell someone else about who you are, you have to get to know yourself first.

  • Free Discovery Call

    After completing this course, you might find yourself desiring further healing knowing that you deserve to live a fulfilled life regardless of the past. If that's you, schedule your free discovery call.

About Kahila


Kahila Hedayatzadeh

I am a psychotherapist and a coach for women, as well as a speaker, and a consultant in Diversity & Inclusion Training. In my private practice, I specialize in working with highly sensitive persons, and empaths. I help women gain self-confidence, self-respect, and awareness, and create a deep sense of self-love and compassion. As a result of our work and the workshops, these clients are able to change their entire life to reflect their greatest desires.